Dry Cleaning

Quality is what sets Toudanines Cleaners apart from any other cleaner you may have already tried.  Our staff has the expertise and experience to produce quality craftsmanship.  Toudanines Cleaners understands you have made an investment in your clothing and that it important that you always look your very best.  Let Toudanines Cleaners make a difference in your style so that you always make a great first impression.

Shirt Laundry

Starting each day in a crisp, professionally pressed shirt sets the tone for success. The impact and convenience of having Toudanines Cleaners press your shirts, when you are pressed for time, is apparent each time you walk in the office. Attention to detail is paramount.  Clothes make the man and Toudanines Cleaners will make sure you look impeccable when making a great impression counts.

Wedding Gowns

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It’s important that you look your very best. Toudanines Cleaners will clean, press and prepare your wedding gown and wedding parties gowns and tuxedo’s for the finest quality and polished appearance. We are also honored to provide post wedding cleaning and preservation of your wedding dress, bride’s maid dresses, mother of the bride gowns and tuxedos. Proper cleaning and preservation of your wedding gown makes for precious memories for years to come.

Formal / Tuxedo

Visit Toudanines Cleaners before your next “Black Tie” event for expert cleaning of all your formal wear. Our trained staff will take great care to prepare your tuxedo, tuxedo shirts, formal dresses and other formal wear for your special event. Quality in craftmenship is always our priority.


Smooth, fitted leather wear makes a beautiful fashion statement. But, over time leather and suede can become stretched, scuffed and lackluster. Toudanine’s Cleaners leather and suede treatment and care will put your leather wear back in spotlight.


Whether it is time for spring cleaning or company is on the way, Toudanines Cleaners will clean and fluff all your bedding for a clean, fresh look and feel. Toudanines Cleaners packages your bedspreads and comforters after cleaning for storage or ready to dress our bed. Good nights sleep is Toudanines Cleaners first priority.

Linens / Table Clothes / Napkins

Toudanines Cleaners will ensure that your dinner guests enjoy the ultimate dining experience by ensuring all your tablecloths and napkins are cleaned and pressed to perfection. We will be sure our table wear items received the utmost attention.


Your window treatments are an investment in comfort, security and style. Protecting this investment takes experience and knowledge. Trust Toudanines Cleaners to treat your window dressings with exceptional care.

Alterations / Repairs

Buttons, hems and zippers are only the beginning of what Toudanine’s Cleaners Alteration Services has to offer. Bring us your torn, your baggy, your unflattering fit: our seamstress will make you look fabulous!.


Keep your special bag looking like it just stepped off the runway. Prada, D&G, Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Coach purses can all be cleaned and polished with spectacular results!. And while your at it, be sure to ask Toudanines Cleaners about treating our purse to protect it from stains from daily use. Clean purse completes your look. It’s all about accessories.

Tennis Shoes

Before your run out and purchase new tennis shoes, let Toudanines Cleaners clean your shoes for restore that new look. We can keep your favorite pair of sneakers looking bright! Toudanines Cleaner’s special treatments safely remove grass stains and dirt to extend the life of your footwear and save you from purchasing a new pair. Walk this way!

Baseball Caps

Sweat, dirt and odors can keep your favorite hat on the bench and off your head. Let Toudanines Cleaners keep it in the game and looking sharp!.

Wash N Fold

Wash and wear garments, towels and linens are given the VIP treatment at Toudanines Cleaners. Our high quality detergent insures your clothes are clean and fresh. Promptly removed from the dryer, garments are folded and ready to be returned to your closet. Let Toudanines Cleaners wash, fluff and fold your garments and towels allowing you time for the more important tasks in your life. You’ll love the smell!

Fire, Smoke and Water Restoration

Fire, smoke and water damage to your home and your life is catastrophic. The emotional toll alone is overwhelming. Toudanines Cleaners is here to provide assistance with the restoration and cleaning of your garments and household items. If insurance is involved we are happy to provide the necessary documentation. Toudanines Cleaners is here to help you get through a disasterous situation and restore your life back to normal.

Preservation / Heirlooming

Wedding gowns represent a significant financial investment. Vintage dresses, military uniforms and christening gowns all represent precious memories from years gone by. We understand the importance of preserving these garments and their memories by protecting them for future generations. Let Toudanines Cleaners help you preserve these memories.

Rush Service Available

When a business trip pops up unexpected or guests are on their way, Toudanines Cleaners is here to save the day! Our Rush Service is available upon request including Saturday.

24/7 Night Drop Service

Toudanines Cleaners is always open, even when we’re closed. If you miss our regular scheduled hours or you arrive in the early morning hours before we do, take advantage of our convenient 24 Hour Night Drop Service. Coupons? Need to communicate a special request? No problem. Just include your coupons and special instructions inside your bag and if we have any questions, we’ll give you a call. We got you covered. Call or stop in for details.

Commercial Accounts

Toudanines Cleaners is glad to offer Commerical Accounts services for schools, businesses or organizations. Give Toudanines Cleaners a call today for pricing and details regarding our Commercial Accounts services. We’re glad to be of service to you and your organization. .

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We Proudly Support our Teachers, Military and Police with a discount.

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